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Where does your Council tax money go?

This page will provide that basic information although it will not explain how individual Councils/Agencies chose to spend your money.

Council Tax/Business Tax

For the remainder of funding required to provide local government local taxation in the form of council tax and local business tax is allowed.

For the year 2012/2013 Maldon District Council will collect about £37 million in Council /BusinessTax

Maldon District Council collects the taxes and then transfers the agreed amounts to Essex County Council, Essex Police.,Essex Fire and Rescue Service and Burnham Town Council.

The table below shows the way that the money is divided.

73%  Essex County Council

11%  Maldon District Council

09%  Essex Police

04%  Essex Fire

03%  Parish Councils

Other income Streams

Central Government generates its income from a variety of taxes such as VAT and income tax.

It then spends most of that money on national issues although some is provided to Local Government for specific services.

For example centre government provides funding each year that allows Essex County Council to run Schools

Local Councils often make charges for use of their facilities ie hire of a park football pitch or car parking . This income is used locally.






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